Adsorbents for Renewable Diesel


For Renewable Diesel

Oil-Dri’s Metal series of adsorbents have ideal properties for use in the pretreatment of a diverse range of vegetable oil or animal fat feedstocks destined for the renewable diesel market. Metal-Z and Metal-X were engineered to adsorb a range of trace elements and phosphorus containing compounds that are detrimental to downstream processes and equipment. Additionally, both Metal-X and Metal-Z have been ground and sized for exceptional filtration to maximize filter press life cycles.

Adsorbents for Renewable Diesel

Benefits of using Metal-X or Metal-Z in your pretreatment process:

  • Strong affinity for trace metals, including a full spectrum of organic and inorganic phosphorus.
  • Effective on a range of vegetable oil and animal fat-derived feedstock blends.
  • Excellent filtration characteristics.