Lab Scale Bleaching

Here at Oil-Dri, we have been performing laboratory scale experiments mimicking a variety of different processes for bleaching edible and non-edible fats and oils for over 20 years. We have experience handling and treating many different feedstocks and experimenting with most types of processing variables.

The video below demonstrates an example of how we use laboratory equipment to conduct these experiments.


Not only do we generate bleached oil samples, but we have the capabilities to perform an array of analyses on the samples. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Lovibond Tintometer color analysis (all color scales)
  • UV-Vis
    • Chlorophyll Determination
    • P-Anisidine Value
    • Delta-K
    • DOBI (palm oil)
  • ICP-OES trace element analysis
  • Peroxide value titration
  • Karl Fischer moisture analysis
  • And more!

Below is a table displaying the data generated from the experiment in the video.

Sample I.DICP Trace Elements (ppm)Lovibond Tintometer 5.25” CellChlorophyll (ppb)
CaFeKMgPAOCS RedAOCS YellowLovibond RedLovibond Yellow
Acid Degummed
1 % Clay0.660.04<0.20.573.137.770970128.5
1.5% Clay0.370.02<0.20.301.365.4706.27042.3
2% Clay0.150.01<
Caustic Refined
1 % Clay0.590.04<0.20.542.917.1708.570113.3
1.5% Clay0.290.02<
2% Clay0.130.01<

If you have any questions about laboratory bleaching or oil sample analysis, please contact us!