Lab Scale Deodorization

Deodorization is typically the last step in edible oil refining. The process removes compounds such as carotenoids, free-fatty acids, tocopherols, aldehydes, peroxides, and others. Laboratory scale deodorization equipment can vary from adapted roto-evaporators to fully customized glassware systems. The video below previews a custom lab-scale deodorizer at our Innovation Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois. It […]

Lab Scale Bleaching

Here at Oil-Dri, we have been performing laboratory scale experiments mimicking a variety of different processes for bleaching edible and non-edible fats and oils for over 20 years. We have experience handling and treating many different feedstocks and experimenting with most types of processing variables. The video below demonstrates an example of how we use […]

Lab Scale Degumming and Refining

At our laboratory in Vernon Hills, Illinois we can simulate various commercial fat and oil refining processes. Two processes that are commonly performed in our laboratory are degumming and refining. Degumming is the process of removing phosphatides (gums) from crude fats and oils.  There are many different degumming processes, including: In a chemical refining process, […]