About Us

Company Overview

At Oil-Dri, we serve as global leaders in manufacturing high-quality, sorbent products for edible oils, biodiesel, renewable diesel, and jet fuel industries, among other markets.

With more than 30 years of expertise, our team continues to serve as leaders in adsorbent solutions, dedicating research, development and technical support activities at Oil-Dri’s Nick Jaffee Center for Innovation. This 18,200-square-foot facility is home to our extensive R&D program that has resulted in many breakthrough adsorbent solutions for a variety of market applications.

Unmatched Technical Service

When you choose Oil-Dri, you get more than a reliable adsorbent – you gain a world-class team of technical service experts. We help mitigate challenges by anticipating our customers’ needs and collaborating with them in the laboratory or through in-plant support to minimize cost and maximize success.

Corporate Commitment

With a corporate commitment to reducing waste and conserving natural resources, we offer high-performing purification solutions that are responsibly sourced.

Why Palygorskite Base Clay?

Palygorskite is a naturally active clay mined from the Ochlocknee region in Georgia, U.S.A. Differentiated by structure, porosity and physical characteristics, palygorskite clay naturally promotes excellent flow and has excellent adsorption capacity. 

This specialty clay is a lightweight adsorptive mineral with a large surface area and extensive interconnected porosity. Palygorskite’s porous structure may be filled with liquids of all types, allowing for the absorption and entrapment of contaminants.

Starting from our unique palygorskite base clay, our products are engineered to provide tailored solutions in the processing and purification of various oils, fats, and fuels. All products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.